Saturday, May 8, 2010


Just now attended the SMCGC music n testimony was a great event I would like to say to the committee and everyone who were involved a job well done :)..

Anywayss throughout the whole event it dawned to important PRAYER is and made me realize how I have prayed less and less when the going gets tough...been having so many pend up stress in me..where there are so many things just going through my head..till I was just fed up..plain fed up of things happening around me..

I just did not seem to even want to care of my work and just felt useless as things just seems to be out of my confidence level went from a average to ground head seems to be looking down instead of up..people have even noticed the change in my attitude..

Whatever I have been doing things these pass few weeks I have been doing things aimlessly without any goals and with that resulting in getting no success at I would like to say sorry to those people who were affected by my mood these pass few weeks or maybe months which can be easily be summed up as EMO~~ Hahaha..

But after tonight was I was listening to the testimony given by the few SMCGC members of how important prayer it really hit me hard that I have thought I was alone in these midst of troubles and I have tried to carry all the worries on my shoulders..instead of looking to God for help who is ever knowing and ever loving..and also friends around who really do care for me :)

To everyone I would like to thank those who cared and a few who listened to my troubles I don't need to list down names but I am ever grateful to have met you great people =D for making me feel that I am not alone in this midst of troubles in your little ways of caring..

Shea 22 (konglong+ pig) ahahaha

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ka ching`~

Hola~ just showing off how much my blog cost and to well keep people who visit my blog stop complaining about the lack of activity in my blog so my blog costs...*drumrolls*

Check out your website value if have :) the link is just there..

wooo~~~ $3K people imagine what I can do with that amount of cash =D just from blogging..imagine if I post more..HMMM

but hmmm that amount of cash..well seems cannot do much with it lo..maybe in the old days that amount means due to inflation well 3k seems like nothing already..paying my 1 semester of tuition fee already habis..

My 3k is just like that small flower so sad..all the bulls come...sad ho?

hey people suggest to me what I can do with this 3k that can make me happy :) open for suggestion see what you guys say while I ponder what i can do with it to..then maybe I ask blogger pay up..

Not much of a blog...just want to keep it active and well just been too busy and have lots in my mind to yea..Personally saying sorry to my ummm loyal readers?? hehe


Saturday, February 6, 2010

role models??

Well someone said I only block every semester but now i shall blog..since I am bored..sorry for not bloggin but yea..everytime i am lazy hehe..

Anywaysss quite a few things have happened in my life but aiya..lazy to say now la..that one let it be next time if got time and if I want to do or not ;)..

So what have really caught my attention these few days are the sport celebrities that well have just killed their image to all the people young and old who looked up to guys know who I am referring to..right??

The most recent is none other than... John Terry
He was the England Football team captain and still Chelsea captain...his captaincy got stripped away because of alledged affairs with and ex-teammate lover...when he is already married..hmm..

There is also Tiger Woods..known as the best golfer of the century? but again..married happily but again having affairs not one but more than one outside marriage in jeopardy and he has taken and indefinite break from golf to patch things up..he earns alot from sponsorship but now one by one the companies are stopping to sponsor him..

hehe..As a Manchester United fan it is sad to see the captain to the middle finger gesture to and ex-teammate because of certain issues ahaha..maybe Tevez was asking for it..but still hmm..i don't think it should be done..

There is Drogba another Chelsea player who famously swore in front of the camera with all the beautiful languages you may know maybe not chinese one but well u know what I mean..just because they lost a very close game and some calls by the referee did not go their way..he was given a few games ban for that..

David Beckham you all know famously known as "golden balls" when this topic was court is already said that it did not happen but who knows same thing happily married but havin extra marital affairs outside it...hmmm...
Well just to side track off sports hehe..Edison Chen who don't know?? haha if you don't know memang you really cham no nid elaborate ahaha..just his career has gone done since the incident happened...

I just don't know why these people will do such things but maybe it's because they keep travelling and make them miss home I don't know maybe it is just human nature.. but it can really spoil their image as many young kids look up on them with all the extra marital affairs, swearing and etc..hehe..or it's just the media fault..making things bigger than it seems??

There are famous..yes that why normal people do these things well don't affect much as people llok up on them maybe that to cause it to happen as the stress of keeping a clean image is well..susah..haha..

and Allan if u reading this have fun in Australia ;) don't do what these people did haha...

just something I want to add first post for 2010!! hahaha..

ciaozzz for now :P

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Woosh~ finally I am back to blogging wow that took sometime to really log back in and try to come up with something..yes I have been procrastinating..saying will blog tomorrow and tomorrow well.. as you guys may have heard this proverbs "Tomorrow never comes" :) well am very good in that..hehe :)

Well all i can say since the previous blog of MJ many things have happened throughout that period of time till now..let's see...for sure I know one whole semester just flew pass just like that.might maybe end up lik this... hmmm..

I can just remember a few key moments by going through my photos in my facebook a/c hehe..

First of I can quite remember is my first blood donation..yup my first and should not be last blood donation ahaha..took alot of self convincing to go to counter and sign up and etc.. as every semester i come up with lame excuses saying i am underweight, ada class and blah blah..ok got class is not lame excuse ho...

well here i am trying to put up a brave face but yea inside hehe..

it's going in!!!!!

yup O positive woot~

After that was the Kuching trip during the ummm.. should be 2nd tution free week that was the most impromptu trip i have ever been on ahaha..sorry forgot to take from Alvin..haiz~ sad..but I will always remember one thing 'white lady' oh turns you ummm...on?? hahaha

sori no pic so had to steal from other website paisei

and oh yea that gila...13 hours bus ride?? haha..leave Miri early morning end up in Kuching late a night that was some experience!!!

Hmm..wat else...oh yea prom hehe..supposed don't want to go but end up going hehe..not too well sucks..but the people around made up for it :)

the guys...

and the girls :)
and yes my date for the prom..funny la this one..another story and will not be told here..ppl who knows well hehe..for those who don't see i want tell or not :P

and yup VCF finally 10 years!! wow 10 years as a club lik Curtin wei..haha..not bad not bad congrats..:)
10 years!!!

meet my broken up family..clockwise from me..Edric (son), Alvin(the person breaking the family up by having something with me and Robert) , Emily (daughter), Robert (husband) missing Jenny and Ching Shen ^^

that should be all just for u all to meet Fufu and his mummy..not me wo..haha..Fufu is the Garfield and he will be everywhere we go and we love him :) me you must love them..dun go against them..

anywayss we love him <3 ahaha..


Thursday, July 9, 2009

MJ hmmm..

Yea nothing much to do so just blog something which I have been observing for quite some time..So the Memorial for Michael Jackson has just been done in Los Angeles July 7, was a big event drawing a big crowd to remember the life and work of Michael Jackson and attended by many superstars such as Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Kobe Bryant and many more..

Hope you readers know about Michael Jackson if not you must be living under a well or in a cave because the news about his death on June 25, 2009 because of a cardiac arrest is all over the news till now..

Anyhows this is just my point of really irks me to see people starting to give an interest in Michael Jackson now...saying good things about him and all sorts..especially after his death and if u listen to Pilihan FM(Brunei Radio Channel) many callers call in to say how good he was and if they knew him well personally..

Now his records are selling like hot cakes in worldwide..this is abit sad as before that I don't seem to see people taking an interest in buying the records..but now it is a record sale..why are people buying now?? and letting the record companies to earn?? how about Jacko?? It was his music..he was in debts throughout his life if the records could sell like that at least it could settle his debts and could live a better life..correct me if I am wrong..

At times Jackson faced alot of legal charges such as the case child sexual abuse allegations thrown at him..he was defamed by the media at those bad times..and people gave him the nickname "Wacko Jacko"..people kept saying bad things about him and etc..well now seems to be a different story as they are praising him..not saying he is innocent which I have no idea only Michael Jackson knows if he did it or not..but I pity him to a certain extend people laughing at him for changing his skin colour and how pale he is and etc..

anyhow..i am just saying that why do we only care and recognize the person's works and life when they are dead?? Why don't they get the right respect when they are alive..such as the famous crocodile man- Steve Irwin remember him?? when he passed away then people start watching his shows and seeing re-runs of his shows.. other stars as well..normally you don't listen to their songs but when they pass away you start listening to them..

With this I end with all my ramblings..I hope I have not insulted anyone on this but yea..we should always remember this people not only during their deaths but when they are alive..I have nothing against Michael Jackson I like his songs..tried to follow his way of doing the famous moonwalk and also other dance moves..his songs really did touch many hearts and I hope will continue to do so :)..RIP MJ

Ciaozz Shea 22

Saturday, June 27, 2009

2009 sem 1

After 3 months plus..finally 2009 Semester 1 has I might as well summarize what has happened throughout the whole semester..well I am bored that is why i am doing this..remembering the good and bad old times..XD

Well this semester started with me changing from Civil & Construction Engineering to Chemical Engineering..there are many reasons for this change and if you want to know find me personally :)..lazy to write a whole story here for you guys hehe..

Anyways for the studies part I guess everything is alright with a great group of friends helping me out whenever I faced difficulties and they are a fun bunch too..many outings with this group..well here are some pics to show..hehe..

EFDP presentation group was fun :)

and this is the bowling session..hehe...

Team A

Team B

My bowling + drinking partner Betty dancing meh?A good example of a bad example in bowling..but full marks for the reaction..good example tht one :)

hehe guess who fell first?? never underestimate skinny ppl :)

well Jmee just knows to pose :P

well after that there a club I am quite involved in that is VCF (Varsity Christian Fellowship). .I am part of the committee previously and currently now..and stuck with the same post SOCIAL WELFARE!! hehe..

old committee

new committee

well overall had fun..joined the sports carnival and yes I believed my team got last but WTH we enjoyed ourselves..

joined the novice badminton competition got first place for men doubles and runner-up for mixed doubles hehe..then the Curtin Badminton Closed and got whooped~ ahaha..

got my first make-up in ppl put lipstick, mascara and eye shadow on me..well it was a dare so have to do lo..

I washed off the mascara and eye shadow liaw..but lipstick still got abit..and the hairband :P

And finally got my hands on big apple donuts haha..

and lost my watch..hmm not yet tell dad dum de dum dum

and oh yea went to my first mission trip to Bakong..sori no gud pics just yet for this hehe..but it was great..

Anywayss it can be said this semester flew pass but overall learnt a great deal of things..met new people and said goodbye to some..oh well that is life ciaozz...

Shea22 :P

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beauty of cars..

Hmmmm just a short post just tell you people I am still around don't worry still alive and whoopin arse!! haha..anywayss really been a long time since my last update..too busy I guess with assignments and mid-semester this short blog is going to be dedicated to my darling!! refer to old post..In how she changed my life for the good and the bad hehe..

well my car is a Proton Saga 1.3CC and for you guys information yes its an auto car..not manual but yea no playin with the crutch and gears..

So what has my darling changed in my life..well I can say i am getting alot of driving experiences driving up and down from Krokop to Senadin so can say about 30 min drive or less..depending on the traffic conditions and my urgency to reach there..and how to wash cars!! ahaa with alot of tips wakaka!!

anywayss my main point here..due to the arrival of my precious..I have been walking/cycling I will be driving..

as I used to chase after the bus when I am late..walk to the restuarant for dinner or lunch..

ride the bike when I am rushing reports or go somewhere, where the bus cannot bring me or just not there..

So due to all these lack of exercises..I am openly saying I have become unhealthy and my stamina is gone (was there even any stamina in the first place?? hmmm ahaha)..this was clearly shown today after my event in relay running for sports carnival..I was half dead after completing the course..nearly felt like fainting..legs weaken and buckled and many more..just not the same me..I am still feeling the soreness in my legs..sad..haiz~

so readers whoever read are the one of the best things made for men..but then dun forget ur exercise..somehow I will have to work out a way to gain back what i have lost..

DON'T GET ME WRONG!! I still love my car XD

and on another note!! MANCHESTER UNITED HAS WON THE EPL TITLE!! so to Lau especially!! In your face!! GLORY Glory Man. Utd!!

and see how happy Sir Alex is..I wonder what will happen when he leaves! No matter what I will always be a Manchester United Supporter!! Champions League!! Here we come!! huhuhu